LG G5 screen replacement with a 1 year warranty from Lgrepairer.co.uk. We also perform screen replacements for all other LG phone models too. We not only provide screen repairs, our services include all types of repairs that are associated with the LG phone. We provide same day LG G5 screen replacements for our customers. To get a free quote for LG G5 screen replacement, just fill out the quote form provided on the website.

LG G5 main features:

  • LG G5 is everything with a new metal design
  • LG G5 phone has a changeable module with a sliding battery
  • LG G5 has a wide angle lens
  • LG G5 phone has 0.5X zoom out and 8.0X zoom in
  • LG G5 impressive feature is the Pop-Out image
  • LG G5 has ultimate outdoor visibility

Including LG G5 Screen Replacement – We provide other repairs:

In our LG repair centre, we have expert technicians to handle LG G5 screen replacements on the same day. We have years of experience in repairing cracked screen repair problems for any LG phone. So, you can simply take our repair service for your LG phone. We use only high quality screens for replacements in the LG G5 phone.

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We also offer UPS courier delivery service from anywhere in the UK. We collect your device and return it to you within 48 hours. If you are close to our location, we will provide you with the same day repairs for your LG G5.